Drug Registration /Medical Device Registration

OPEN up the Business Opportunity in China, Hong Kong and Korea!

We have a group of expertise could facilitate your setup in the above areas, our consultant has over 20 years’ experience with extensive people networks in Hong Kong, China and Korea!

  • Registration for new or imported pharmaceutical product in China, Hong Kong and Korea.
  • Partnership and dealership identification and management in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Korea.
  • Business model design and actualization
  • Strategic marketing and tactical implementation via Balance Scored Card (BSC)
  • Training and development for sales & marketing team via long-term quality assurance & service improvement strategy

Name Patient Program – For unregistered Medication or drug prescribe in Hong Kong

Medications or drug do not formally registered in Hong Kong is required for named patient use. The physicians should inform the concerned patients on the use of unregistered products and that adverse effects of name patient drug use would be monitored and reported... to

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