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No need to worry about time on medical writing!

We have professional writer to do it and you simply spend time to counter-check it!

Is marketing appropriate for a medical practice?

In today’s era of better public educations, fierce competition and greater choices available to patients, marketing are not only appropriate, they are indispensable. Word of mouth is no longer enough. You must take control of your own image by differentiating your practice, its physicians and services from your “competitors”. These assets should be communicated efficiently and effectively to new and existing patients. Medical Marketing is the best way to achieve these objectives. Whether or not you choose to market, odds are your competitors are. That is why we work in close partnership with each of our clients to strategize and craft custom solutions that address these changes and chart a course for success. Last but not least, we will ensure all marketing works are comply with the Code of Professional Conduct.

Why should you work with Medical Marketing rather than individual printers, newspapers, cable-tv outlets, radio stations, web developers, etc.?

Beside the headache of coordination among multiple vendors, they will never collectively present a consistent image and message like Medical Marketing can. Besides that, most of vendors are not specialize on medical field create lot of time consuming and unprofessional communication as well. By reaching your targeted patients with one consistent voice and image, Medical Marketing makes every individual piece in your marketing mix work harder and more effectively for your money. We concentrate your marketing presence so that every exposure requires less repetition, thereby saving your practice money. With a single point of contact, you devote more time working on the profitability of your practice.

How does a project typically flow through Medical Marketing?

We will be in regular contact with you to plan and discuss your marketing needs. Most marketing strategies will be planned one month in advance, but we encourage contact anytime a new and desirable marketing opportunity arises. We will discuss your needs and objectives for a particular marketing project, including all relevant deadlines, information and budget constraints. From this initial meeting, we will quickly generate an estimate of the time and costs involved with producing your project including an estimate of any and all outside costs. Once you have given us approval to proceed, our designers and artists will begin working with your and develop the initial concepts. After an agreed upon length of time, we present initial concepts. Once a concept is approved, we will develop detailed images and text, schedule any photography, illustration or other production. We will present all design and content to you as often as necessary to reach your final approval. Once your project has been approved we will proceed to final production.

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