Healthcare Support

Despite the leading marketer for medical professional in Hong Kong, Hong Kong Medical Marketing (HKMM) is also a specialized management and marketing company serving the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with practice teams focusing on critical pharmaceutical and biotech industry functions, including Business Development and Market research & development.

We focus on Hong Kong and China, our team have extensive experience in working with multinational pharmaceutical companies, biotech companies, medical device companies and healthcare providers.

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Contract Salesforce

We could tailor made for you on number of calls, specific medical specialties, frequency of sales reach, contract service period, etc ...

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Warehouse and Logistics Management

  • Warehouse from small to big scale storage and high Flexibility
  • Logistics and invoicing
  • Partner with Nippon Express (日本通運)

Call Centre Service (Mandarin)

  • Support for Native Mandarin Speaking for Customer Services
  • The team is formed by Enrolled and Registered Nurse
  • Flexible Pricing Package to react on the market

Product Marketing Service

  • Market Research
  • Marketing Plan Development
  • Arrange Meeting with KOLs
  • Sales Materials Design and Adaptation
  • Disease Management Program
  • Website – Design, Web Content Development and Search Engine Optimizations
  • Online marketing - PPC Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Video Productions & Marketing,
  • Electronic Mailing Marketing, Apps Production, Facebook Marketing, baidu SEO, etc…

Business Development Services

  • Business model and strategy development for Hong Kong and China
  • Building full medical affairs strategies for pre-launch products
  • Portfolio strategy assessment
  • Identify in-licensing opportunities that meet strategic criteria
  • Screen in-licensing opportunities
  • Validate selection of in-licensing candidates
  • Assess potential commercial value of in-licensing candidate
  • Identify potential partners

Warehouse and Logistics Management

  • Warehouse for small and mid-scale storage and high Flexibility
  • Logistics and invoicing

Regulatory Services

  • Drugs, Medical Device and Supplements health department submissions
  • Drug safety and Pharmacovigilance Service

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