Second Medical Opinion Service – Hong Kong


I will find out the medical professionals and / or specialties who is/are specialize in your diseases in Hong Kong, according to the deep discussions with you and doctors who are of your potential can help you.

Why us?

I am Robbie Ho, Master Degree in biochemistry and I am a pre-clinical researcher in Alzheimer ’s disease during 1999-2002. I started my career in late 2002 in a multinational pharmaceutical company MSD in clinical research, then followed by sales and marketing manager for 8 years. I found this company in 2010 and assisted over 300 medical professionals to market their practice, that’s why I know a lot about disease management PLUS valuable medical networks, and most of them become friends, and unluckily are not clients anymore.

I am capable of understanding your medical conditions and figure out the previous potential issues, provide you with deep discussions and solutions for you, likely especially for those who are able to follow. I will talk to the doctor personally before your appointment.

Why cannot others work it out?

Most of them are linked with insurance player, limited by the contracted doctors and of course, the reimbursement cost. Even some of them mentioned they have medical professionals to handle your case, but sorry, all of them are General Practioner who care about “pay or not pay”. They usually is “Add on” service, be an attraction to pay for the premium insurance plan.

Some of them are provided by clinic / medical centres, obviously because of the limited medical professional availability and bias.

Who is our customers and OUR Fee?

  1. Chronic disease without proper management
  2. Will make a critical decisions, but not URGENT
  3. Our fee is HKD 3800.

Welcome for enquiries